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5 tips from a millionaire to become rich

American entrepreneur and sales expert, Grant Cardon, sees the idea of ​​saving your daily coffee to build wealth, and the like, as foolish and totally useless calls to get rich.

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Cardon, a self-made millionaire and bestselling author, says there are 5 basic rules for getting rich, without heeding tips that make people dumb like "save the five dollars for your daily Starbucks coffee."

According to CNBC, Cardon believes that if a person is serious about getting rich, he needs to focus his mind on income, increase his income enough and be able to save something big. Here are his five tips.

1- Invest in yourself

“Successful people invest time, energy, and money in improving themselves,” says Cardon. “Someone once told me that the best way to help people in need is to not be a needy person. Help yourself so that you are in a position to help someone else. This means investing in yourself to be great at something. What".

"I invested in sales training when I was 25 and it increased my ability to generate income. Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make," he adds.

2- Find the right job

Rich people are able to enter the right company where there is opportunity for growth. Cardon's Vice-Sales, Jarrod Gillandt, started his business over seven years ago for $2,500 a month.

However, he developed his skill set and was able to multiply his monthly income several times because he knew Cardon was looking to expand.

Everyone is looking for jobs, but they need the right choice. All companies live on revenue, so he should focus on earning commissions rather than just relying on salary and he will ultimately be in control of how much he earns.

3- Be unique in what you do

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Commit to being great, not just mediocre, any profession that may be stressful for mid- and low-performers, but it is hugely rewarding for those who do great, those who live and breathe and eat their profession, those who are geeks, get great.

4- Get income from multiple sources

You won't get rich without multiple streams of income, and it starts with the income you currently have. Increase this income and start adding other streams. Find other ways you can add income to the job you already have.

5- When do you start investing?

First, try to save $100,000, because you have to prove to yourself that you can have the money and let it go (meaning cutting out cash in favor of investing in different assets).

If you only have $10,000, your only priority should be to increase your income so that you can save more. Saving $100,000 shows you have the ability to make money and then keep it, and most people can't do any of those things, Cardon says.

Once you can earn and save, you can start building wealth. Finally, Cardon advises, “I never looked to get rich quick, but I did look to get rich eventually.”