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The beautiful diamond, the specifications of its selection


The couple looked very elegant, but the most eye-catching thing about this campaign was the 124.54-

carat bright yellow diamond that Beyonce wore to become the first black woman to wear this piece of jewelry in Tiffany's history. 

This diamond has a long history as it is one of the largest and most famous yellow diamonds in the world. 

In 2012, to celebrate Tiffany's 175th birthday, the Maison took the diamond out of the safe and re-designed it, this time combining it with a diamond necklace studded with 100 carats of sparkling white diamonds. 

And seven years later, Lady Gaga wore this diamond in 2019 at the Academy Awards, where she won the Oscar for Best Original Song. 
The value of the diamond in 2019 was estimated at $30 million