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Tesla share price in bitcoin


The amount we put in at the beginning of the report, would allow us to buy approximately 56 Tesla shares at the share price on February 18, 2020, and if we sell these shares a year after that date, they will be worth about 700,000 Egyptian pounds, an increase of 366% from the original amount.

The Egyptian market was not far from the booms that occurred for many companies around the world during this stormy year. During a year, the share of the Fawry Electronic Payments Company recorded a huge increase, at one time, about 500% from the beginning of its launch on the Egyptian Stock Exchange , exceeding the market value of the company giants such as El Sewedy Talaat Mostafa, Emaar and Telecom Egypt.

On February 18, 2020, Fawry’s share closed trading at a price of 8.6 pounds, to take an upward curve, before reaching its highest price on the 15th of this month, recording 51.81 pounds.