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Many types of diamonds


1- Types and grades of diamonds:

The diamond stone is characterized by its extreme hardness, which is estimated at ten degrees on the Mohs scale of hardness, as due to this distinctive feature in it (hardness), it has come to symbolize in many cultures purity and stability. There are many types of diamonds around the world, as the region (South Africa) is the first home for diamond mining, and this justifies the intense international competition for control of it. But here a question arises, as what are the necessary criteria for a diamond to possess such a high value and an exorbitant price? The answer comes from the American Gemological Institute, which has set four standards for diamond quality:

  • Color: The intensity of the color varies from transparent (colorless) to dark yellow (close to brown).
  • Cut: It means how to cut the faces of the diamond, and this factor is currently finding great interest, as the best types of cut are what is called (the wonderful cut), and it depends mainly on the quality of the diamond stone, because there are diamonds that cannot be cut because of a defect or impurities in diamonds.
  • Purity (clarity): There are criteria that have been approved to know the purity of a diamond stone, based on knowing the percentage of impurities in it. Can we ask what are the grades of diamonds in terms of purity?

Diamond grades:

    1. FI is free from defects (without impurities).
    2. IF has no internal defects or apparent impurities.
    3. V VS1 contains very, very small impurities.
    4. VVS2 has very, very small inclusions that can be seen closely.
    5. VS1 has very small inclusions, and it contains inclusions and defects that can be seen closely.
    6. VS2 has very small inclusions, and it contains defects or inclusions that can be seen.
    7. SI1 has small inclusions (contains larger impurities and defects)
    8. SI2 has small inclusions and contains larger defects and inclusions that can be easily seen.
    9. I1 has impurities that can be seen with the naked eye.
    10. I2 has larger inclusions that can be seen with the naked eye.
    11. I3 has very large inclusions and can be seen with the naked eye.


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