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Gold mask and skin benefits

Diamond mask with a small extract of complex collagen, in addition to containing Ganoderma macidum and diamond powder, to help strengthen the supporting tissues of the skin, help increase vitality and delay the formation of wrinkles and lines on the skin. It also helps to promote both the health and beauty of the skin, making it appear brighter and younger.

Diamonds are also used as a new treatment for effective exfoliation of the skin, as they adopt sterile, micro-diamond heads to exfoliate dead cells in the first layer of the skin.

Gold mask and skin benefits

As for the gold mask, it is basically a liquid, filtered from the finest types of unmixed gold, and is used to revive the skin again and give it freshness and vitality, in addition to its effectiveness in getting rid of wrinkles as well as spots resulting from the effects of acne, and other skin problems that cause Embarrassment for women.