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Diamond prices today and now


Abbasi continued, "The number of stones in each carat is also one of the factors by which we judge diamonds, there are one hundred stones that weigh one carat, and there is one stone that weighs a carat, and the larger the stone, the higher the price, taking into account other factors such as cut-off, color and impurities with it."

And regarding the most expensive and cheapest in Egypt, the head of the jewelry division says, “The most expensive color in Egypt is ( H ), which is the first degree of white, then the color ( F ) and so on, and each product according to its weight, meaning there is a ring that is a quarter of a carat and there is a ring that reaches 10 carats and here lies Prices differences.

Rafiq Abbasi continued, “You can buy a carat at only $20, and another carat stone is $500 or more, and so on, and here the controller is the degree of transparency, color, purity, and absoluteness, etc.